• Crafting Quality Spirits with Care - Grande Prairie
  • Grande Prairie First Craft Distillery
  • Crafting Quality Spirits with Care - Grande Prairie
  • Grande Prairie's First Craft Distillery

Your Local Distillery Creating Craft Spirits
in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Latitude 55 is rooted in a collaborative love for finely crafted spirits and pride in the place we call home. We create every spirit with local grains and botanicals and look to our community to find inspiration for unique, quality flavours. Every bottle from Latitude 55 is created with hard work and passion.

Unique, Quality Spirits in Grande Prairie

Keep your eye out for Latitude 55 on the shelves of your local shops or visit our distillery.

Craftsmanship & Quality
is Our Game

Our experts are working together with farmers and members of the community to create unique flavours you won’t find elsewhere. We pay attention to the quality of each bottle so that you can enjoy the fine tastes of expertly-crafted spirits every time. Our spirits feature the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients found on Albertan countryside.

We Don’t Take Shortcuts

We take great care in every step of the distilling process. We sample products daily to make sure they meet our quality standards. From grain to glass, we don’t take shortcuts.




Craft Spirits Available
From Latitude 55

Presently, we’re focusing our time, energy and efforts on creating delicious gin, moonshine and vodka—but we have much more in the works, and we’re excited to share these with you soon.

Spirits, Gin, Vodka Distilled in Grande Prairie by Latitude55

Grande Prairie’s Best in a Bottle

We found our name in the geographic coordinates of Grande Prairie: 55 degrees North, 118 degrees West. Our mission is to reflect our community not just in our name, but in our flavours, our ingredients, and our business practices. Together, we craft quality spirits inspired by unique tastes. Together, we grow superior ingredients and harvest northern botanicals. Together, we forge community over a better bottle of spirits.

We take pride in the craftsmanship of every bottle, and want to share our passion for home-grown quality with you.

Community is Our Craft

We’re not here to fly solo. Latitude 55 was built on the belief that business is done better with community. We source our ingredients from local businesses, and look to work with Grande Prairie businesses to support our community. From events, to business, to agriculture, we’re here to be a part of the community.

Our team is eager to partner with local, like-minded businesses who are passionate about sharing great taste with great people. Do you share our passion? Get in touch with the Latitude 55 team today!

Experts in Quality Spirits
and Business

Our spirits are nothing less than a collective effort, pulled together by the craftsmanship of our team. We’re a handful of passionate individuals that genuinely enjoy the taste of great spirits in good company. We have the visionaries who propel our vision for the community forward, the leaders who ensure operations are always running smoothly, and of course the experts who bring years of experience of distilling quality spirits to the table. We’re proud of our Grande Prairie, and we’re here to represent it in the product and business we create.


Do you have a question not listed here? Get in touch with our team.

What are the spirits made of?

We will distilling all of our Grain spirits from Wheat and Rye, which will be sourced as much as possible from local farmers with some malted barley being used as well sourced from a Malting house near Edmonton. We will also be producing a rum which will be distilled from sugar cane molasses that we are getting from a sugar cane refinery in Vancouver.

What ingredients do you use in your spirits?

We will be distilling all of our grain spirits from wheat and rye, which will be sourced as much as possible from local farmers with some malted barley being used as well sourced from a Malting house near Edmonton.  We will also be producing a rum which will be distilled from sugar cane molasses that we are getting from a sugar cane refinery in Vancouver.

Where can I purchase Latitude 55 spirits?

Initially, our spirits will be available from the distillery directly. We hope to have our spirits available in local restaurants, bars and liquor stores soon after.

How is the product local? Are the spirits made in Grande Prairie?

From using local grain and botanicals, to milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and hand bottling, we will be creating our unique spirits right here in Grande Prairie. We will not be taking any shortcuts—everything we produce will be 100% made in Grande Prairie.

What is the price range for your spirits?

Our vodkas and gins will start in the $45–50 dollar range. Once our rums and whiskeys have aged, we will be able to determine price ranges for them as well.

How do you ensure your spirits are high quality?

Our master distiller has years of expertise running one of the biggest distilleries in North America. He’s taking his passion for creating and combining it with his focus on quality craftsmanship. We’ll be testing every batch and making sure it meets or exceeds high quality standards.

Will you have any signature cocktails?

As we develop each of our spirits we will give our customers some great options on how to enjoy Latitude 55 spirits in unique cocktails.

Do you ship products outside of Grande Prairie?

We hope to launch shipping options and online sales in late 2018. We can also deliver to your local liquor store or restaurant internally: please get in contact with us if you’re interested in stocking Latitude 55 products in your establishment.

Will you be hosting tours? What will the tour times be?

Once our distillery has launched, we plan to host tours on Friday and Saturday evenings after 5 pm. If your group is large, we can accommodate other times with advanced notice.